Specialty Services

  • Swing Bed

    Swing Bed is a service that is provided to patients who no longer require acute hospital care, but need assistance, from skilled nursing or rehabilitation care, based on a physician’s order. Examples include frequent IM injections, regulation of medication or readjustment, diabetes regulation or re-evaluation, Levine tube or gastric tube feedings, sterile dressing changes, extensive decubitus ulcer(s), terminal condition requiring a professional nurse’s monitoring, multiple complications, and rehabilitation, such as physical therapy for fracture or stroke patients or occupational and speech therapy.


  • Surgery

    Surgical procedure performed at the hospital include: gallbladder surgery, hernia repairs, appendectomy, hysterectomy, and cataract surgery, to name just a few. The surgery department provides on-call staffing 24-hours a day for any emergencies that may arise.