Home Health

Johnson County Hospital Home Health Services is a Medicare/Medicaid certified home health agency. We provide home health services to the people of Johnson County and surrounding counties. Our goal is to provide services to our patients enabling them to recuperate in the home environment. We work closely with the physician and family to provide total care. A nurse is available by phone, to provide 24-hour coverage and address the needs of any patient at any time. Services provided are: Medication Monitoring, Incision and Wound Care, Blood Draws, IV Therapy and Rehabilitation. In addition to these, Home Health Services also include Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Intravenous Therapy and LifeLine. If you are hospitalized or recuperating at home, you only need to talk to a nurse or discharge planner concerning setting up home health visits.

If you would like more information ask your doctor or call Johnson County Hospital’s Home Health Services at 402-335-2074.

Do you need a Lifeline?

Lifeline is an easy-to-use personal response service that ensures older adults living at home get quick assistance whenever it is needed – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When help is needed, just press the Personal Help Button that is worn as a pendant or wrist band. The Slimline Personal Help Button weighs less than 1/2 ounce and is waterproof so it can be worn in the shower or bath, where accidents can occur. This medical call button can be worn as an adjustable pendant design or around the wrist. The call button works with the Basic Communicator and will perform from anywhere in or around the home, including the basement, garage and yard. There is a 5-year battery life so you won’t have to worry about changing the batteries.

Pendants are worn around the neck, which helps make the button easily accessible by either hand.

Slimline Wristbands are worn around the wrist.
Caution: In circumstances where the user’s arm that is not wearing the Wristband becomes immobilized (i.e. due to stroke or arm being trapped under a heavy object), this can present a risk that the user will be unable to press the button. Please consult your caregiver or Lifeline Program on which Help Button style is most appropriate for you.

The Philips Lifeline monitor will get the help you need quickly. Lifeline is NOT just for medical emergencies. The service also allows you to:

  • Maintain your peace of mind knowing that help is just a press-of-a-button away.
  • Enjoy a stronger sense of well-being.

You want to live your life your way – this includes living in the comfort of your own home surrounded by memories of a lifetime. Lifeline allows you or your loved one to live at home because help is as close as pressing a button. Lifeline can help you enhance your confidence and independence.

Call us at (402) 335-2074 to receive more information on Lifeline.